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Wetpapers or Wetpaper ltd are dedicated towards helping students in completing their assignments and achieving decent grades in their coursework or academic essays, one question that commonly arises when it comes to providing an essay writing service is, who owns the copyright of these essays, the clients or Wetpapers? We do publish written content on to our website, this content is either user generated or uploaded by the user themselves. The sole purpose of this content is to offer individuals help with completion of their assignments.


The purpose of issuing a copyright policy is in order to maintain the principles and form a healthy working environment, furthermore, we also want to protect the rights of the copyright owners. One major example of copyrights within our essays is citing sources, we will never issue plagiarized work and pretend someone else’s work is our own.


Following are our goals that we wish to achieve with our principals:

We wish to eliminate anything that may amount to infringement because we believe that not only is infringement unlawful it is also unethical.


We only upload content that is authorized by the user, it is original and we have the consent of the user to have the content uploaded on to our website. We protect the legitimate interest of our users and protect their privacy and only allow content to be used by fair means. We believe in ethics and hold high moral standards when it comes to copyrights and property.


Principal of copyrights

If Wetpapers uses someone else’s property in their academic essays or anywhere on their website due credit would be given to the author, the information will be placed in a relevant conspicuous area where it is visible. We strongly discourage any content to be uploaded on to our site that may in any way be an infringement of copyrights.


We inform users that we do not allow Content that is copied or is someone else’s property, this notice is prominently displayed for users to see during the time of uploading content, the user agrees to this clause before they upload and if despite our efforts any contract is found that may belong to someone else it is immediately removed.


Our terms and conditions clearly state that there is no room for uploading infringed content.


We use software’s such as plagiarism checker and copyright infringement checker every now and again to identify any content that may not belong to the users, if such work is identified we will immediately eliminate it from our website.


We have a customer service representative, especially to report if you discover any content on our website that may be a copyright infringement, you may make a complaint if you are the owner of the contract or if you know the owner of the content. It is requested that you provide a URL to the content that you believe is infringiment and wish to bring to our notice.


Upon receiving a notice of infringement and the precise details in relation to the notice, Wetpapers team will investigate the matter to ensure that a copyright infringement has in fact taken place. Once established that it has we will take the following steps:


We will take note of the notice within 7 days of receiving the issue

We will remove the content within 14 days prior to receiving notice


Our team will take reasonable steps to ensure there is no more content that is copied by the user and if there is we will remove it immediately and even remove the users account.


Copyright owners can also take appropriate actions l against the user liable for infringement under the Data Protection act


  1. Respond to the notice within 7 days of receipt of the notice;
  2. Remove the infringing content within 14 days of receipt of the notice;
  3. Take reasonable steps to notify the person who uploaded the content, and
  4. Inform the person making the notice of infringement when the content has been removed.


The information herein has been adhered in order to be helpful to you we have set principles in order to respect the property of Other, we hope you will cooperate with Wetpapers and not post content that is someone else’s.



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