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WetPapers academic writing service offers its clients custom academic writing and research, our aim is to empower students with enough resources to help them achieve a desirable grade in their assignments. We are committed to ensuring that all our papers are of high quality standard and comply with the rules and regulations of the education board. Satisfaction is guaranteed when wetpapers is undertaking your tasks because we never opt for anything less than A* quality.


Our written papers are to be used as references and as a model that students can use to understand assignment writing and me their writing skills better and improved, students can also use these papers for research purposes and as a guide to help them write assignments for themselves, this can save them tremendous amounts of time that they can use productively somewhere else.





Although the purpose of our papers is to serve only as a reference and a model for our clients, we do not bear any responsibility if the student submits these papers as their own work. We acknowledge that students require extra help and we are here to offer them that but we urge them to use our answers as models and learn how to write similar assignments instead of submitting these as their own, we make sure that our clients understand this at the time of the contract.


If a paper is rejected from the academic institution on the basis of “cheating” Wetpapers excludes any liability that may arise in such situation. It is merely the responsibility of the student to ensure that they are not submitting our model as their own answers.


Mutual Agreement

All assignments are undertaken after reaching a mutual agreement with the client, the client understands that the paper is a model answer used for reference purposes, the paper is not to be sold to a third party or used by anyone else other than the client. We understand that plagiarism is a crime and we take reasonable steps to ensure that no copyright infringement takes place, but once the paper is in the hands of the client, we have no control over how it may be used, we repeatedly urge the clients to act as responsible indiviuals. We mutually agree with the client that the paper we have handed over to then is to remain confidential and in the contract terms and conditions we also state you are obliged to keep this paper only for research purposes for yourself and no third party. Wetpapers will not be held liable if the paper we deliver is used by a third party or is submitted as answer.



All our essays are written by our expert academic Writers with sheer diligence and commitment, all our research papers, essays, assignments, dissertations and thesis are screened and checked for plagiarism before they are sent to the end customer. We do not in any way promote plagiarism and are strongly discourage the use of plagiarism or copyright infringement. We have software’s to detect any plagiarized activity and any assignment found to have more than 10% plagiarism will be discarded with a warning issued to the writer.

As for the client, the client must agree not to sell/ distribute/ copy the assignments we have made Wetpapers will not take responsibility of any of the above mentioned violations.


All our essays are customized and written by our highly trained expert writers that are professionals and know their fields extremely well. We guarantee all our papers are of high quality and will meet the guidelines of the education system, we do not encourage students to solely rely on our assignments to achieve a decent grade in school, although all our papers are above average it is also important that students themselves put in effort and time and use our papers as mere research or model papers rather than submitting them as their final answer. We urge students to write their own answers using our paper as a model. If you do not achieve the grade that you desired, we will not be held liable, however we guarantee that you will in any circumstances achieve a passing mark.


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