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Privacy Policy

  1. PRIVACY POLICY - WetPapers

WetPaperss privacy policy explains how we collect user Information and also how we use the data that we have collected, when you visit our website or use our service you would be obliged to accept the policies mentioned herein, by accepting our services you are implying consent to collect, use and in some instances disclose the information you have provided, accordingly to the procedure mentioned in the policy.

  1. Data collected by WetPapers

WetPapers website belongs to “WetPapers Inc” and it’s affiliates. We consider the privacy of our users of utmost importance, below we explain how information gathered is used and how you can avoid sharing your personal data.


When stating “We” or “”Us” we are referring to WetPapers unless indicated otherwise.

In order to enjoy multiple services offered at WetPapers you will be asked to register personal information with us, you may not be able to enjoy our full services until and unless you are a registered user. The information mentioned is required when you use any of our services such as:

  1. Making a purchase
  2. Subscribing to our newsletter
  3. Entering a competition
  4. Registering as an employee
  5. Or when registering as a user on our website

The information we take into consideration is as follows:

  1. Your name
  2.  Email address
  3.  Age
  4.  Login information
  5. Postal code
  6. Gender

 We require permission from our respective user in regards to how the data collected can be used.

In case of purchases we will also require the users mode of payment details. However, it must be noted that WetPapers takes reasonable measures to protect and secure our users personal data, credit card details. Any information associated with payments is transmitted through a secure connection.

We retain some data of our users, such as: city, state, zip code, country and IP address. The sole purpose of retaining this information is to improve your user experience.


  1. Use of Data

The information you provide us and the information that we collect is fully confidential and under no circumstances would the information be shared with a third party. Merely, the purpose of collecting data is to:

  • Improve our service
  • Administrative purposes
  • Profiling your purchase preference
  • Market the features and services that appeals to you
  • To provide you information regarding any updates, deals or offers at WetPapers


  1. Information of those invited to join WetPapers

We understand and encourage our users to invite their friends and family to join WetPapers, we have enabled an invitation service for you to reach out to those who may seem interested in joining us, you are able to invite these potential users by importing your acquaintences through your email contact list. The information you provide will be used for marketing purposes and to welcome these users to experience our services.

We assume that you have attained permission from the acquaintance to provide us their personal data, furthermore, the information collected will remain secure from third parties.

By recommending WetPapers to friends and family you are also eligible to a discount.


  1. What are cookies?

Cookies are a webtool that retain information of a person that accesses our websites through a web server, the information retained by a cookie includes the users IP address. All internet browsers allow the users to refrain from allowing cookies to retain their data, to notify the user when a cookie is issued and/or accept/decline cookies.

The purpose of cookies is to enhance user experience and by disallowing a cookie, you may be deprived of enjoying the services our website offers to full extent. E.g. via cookies we are able to indentify a user when they opt to login to the website.


Our website is linked to other websites as we use them for advertisement purposes. Majorly, our website is promoted via social media marketing, in particular via channels such as; Facebook and Linkedin. We also use classified websites to maintain market value. Therefore, the privacy policy applies only to WetPapers and WetPapers inc. WetPapers is not liable for the privacy or the security for any website other than WetPapers. Please read the relevant websites privacy policy for a better understanding.


  1. Data Rights

In case of transfer of ownership by merger or incorporation WetPapers, Inc holds the right to transmit your private data. This may mean that there could be change in our privacy policy in which case you will be informed with due notice, you will also be informed about the various options you may have if in case such a situation was to arise. Your information will only be used in situations mentioned in this policy or when it is necessary to do so and where you have provided us consent. Hereby, we commit to protect the data you have providedus.



We put in great effort in safeguarding the data of our clients and ensure prevention of misuse and loss of data and unauthorized access. Procedural safeguards have been activated for password protection and electronic protection. However, any information submitted to us through the “contact us” form or by filling in the “Query form” is exempted from assurance, thus any liability on our behalf is excluded.


  1. Our Privacy policy is subject to change


 Our privacy policy is subject to change, in such circumstances we will ensure that our clients receive prior notification of any changes that may affect them.



  1. What we do with the information you provide us? 

Any information provided to us upon registering will only be used for anticipated purposes, which will be stated whilst registering and we will acquire your consent. Your information can be accessed by you and changed or renewed when necessary. You can update//change the email address you have provided us, last bill amounts and discounts availed.

In order to access your data, you may email us or forward your query to us through the query form. If you feel any of the data provided is incorrect or you have any doubts about it being misused you may contact us immediately.


  1. How to Contact Us?

We look forward to hearing from you, for any queries or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us through the Query Form. We look forward to hearing from you and will issue prompt responses.

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