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Refund Policy For Wetpapers


Wetpapers is the one of the fastest growing academic writing help provider, it is an organization that consists of highly trained professional academic writers that can help clients with their essays, assignments, thesis, dissertation and research papers. Wetpapers helps students from different academic levels and a wide range of subjects to achieve a grade that they desire, we understand the burdens that students have on their shoulders this is why we are here to help.


We have already stated our terms of use and privacy policy, in which we provided users with a snippet of our refund policy, but in order to comply with GDPR here is a full and transparent elaboration of our refund policies that outline the circumstances in which you will be offered a refund and any circumstances in which we hold the right to refuse.


Wetpapers is dedicated to providing it’s customers. With the best customer service, we have a committed team of individuals that work round the clock to provide our clients an unmatchable service, we leave no room for mistakes if however, despite our efforts we lack satisfaction we always take responsibility for our mistakes.


We will consider the liability if our customers are not satisfied with our assignment or if we were unable to deliver the Content timely (rarely happens). We take staunch care to ensure that none of the above situations occur, in case it does we will be liable for either a total refund or a sum of the initial payment depending on the reason behind the claim.


Refund policy in detail


Our writers create nothing less than masterpieces in the name of assignments, if however we fail to impress or comply by your standards you are able to call for revisions, we allow up to two revisions in which the writer will thoroughly examine the document and try to comply by your requirements , most of our clients at this point are satisfied with the revised work, if you are still not satisfied we will settle a refund depending on the issues you have with the paper. The revisions are free of cost Me we allow up to two revisions. We request all clients to have their work revised before opting for a refund.


However, if despite revisions a customer is still unsatisfied with the work and demands a refund, we will investigate the matter and get to the bottom of it by examining what the exact issue is, if the issue in the assignment is foreseeable and is due to our negligence we will offer a full refund. If we are unable to compliment with the reason for dissatisfaction of the client and believe the paper is accurate a refund will not be granted.


In situations where we are at fault we will immediately issue a refund. This includes: if we are unable to meet the deadline the client has set for us, we will complete the assignment at the earliest and also provide a refund as a compensation for our negligence, however, we are highly punctual and such a situation hardly occurs.

If the academic document is not up to the quality standards we will refund your money this also is a rare occurring situation as all our writers are experts in their field.

If the content of the assignment compromises of plagiarism, which is beyond 10% we will refund, you must however, bare in mind content in quotation marks along with the citation of the source does not amount to plagiarism, furthermore, we will ensure there is not too much use of unnecessary quotations.


If we don’t not revise the document in time a refund will be granted


A refund can be claimed within 7 days of receiving the finished document, the time will start right after the content has been delivered. The quality control sector has the authority to decline or accept your request for a refund, depending on the reason you have stated for the refund and whether they believe the reason is valid or not. If the refund request is approved, you will receive the refund with 15 days of approval.  Wetpapers team put in a great amount of effort in all their endeavors and we try that our work is always up to mark.


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