How to score an A* in your research paper?

How to score an A* in your research paper?

Research papers are a common part of the curriculum in higher levels of education such as college and university. They are normally associated with science, history or sociology. If you have written a research paper before or if this is your first experience you are probably aware of the fact that writing research papers is daunting, the process is complicated and requires a lot of focus, it is also very time consuming. There are a number of stages involved with writing a research paper and following these steps can make the daunting task a little easier and can help you secure an A grade.

5 steps to follow if you want to score an A* in your research paper:

Don’t waste time

Do not procrastinate, get the job done as soon as you can, a lot of students have the habit of leaving important assignments to the last minute, they waste time on their cellphones or social media and finish important assignments such as research paper at the last minute, if you want to score an average grade then you continue using this approach but if you want to score an A grade then this isn’t going to help at all.

Writing a research paper requires extensive effort, you need to give it a few weeks if you want to score well, this includes conducting research and finding credible sources, 3 weeks is the minimum time you should allow yourself if you want your research paper to be A grade worthy.

You must use this time to:

Conduct research and gather sources

Write the paper

Check for any mistakes.


Follow Guidelines

In order to score a decent grade in your research paper you must have the ability to follow instructions and meet the guidelines, there is no point writing a well researched paper and then later realizing that you did not follow the guidelines as instructed. Before you start writing thoroughly read the guidelines that have been provided. You need to know what exactly the examiner is looking for in terms of research, what should be included in the paper and what shouldn’t?



Before beginning to write the research paper, it is really important to plan the answer first, I’m sure you’re really confident regarding what content to include,but planning never hurt anyone, brainstorm the research paper and think of anything and everything you could possibly include in the paper. The reason for this is that once you start the manuscript, it is really easy to forget the information this is why you need to brainstorm.  This also helps you overcome a mind block.

For example, if the research paper is about racism you must include a brainstorm diagram.

The mind map can include information such as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Ku Klux Klan. This mind map can help you elaborate on topics that have more significance to the civil rights movement and focus less on those that are less significant.

Ask as many questions as you can

If you want to have the best research papers, ask lots of questions, write the research topic at the top of the page and write questions that pop up in your mind regarding the paper, let one question to lead to another question because it’s a research paper the more questions you answer, the higher you shall score, ask until you run out of questions and then conduct quality research to answer these questions, find sources, references, studies, findings, anything you can get your hands on to effectively answer the questions that have been raised by you.

This is the secret to conducting quality research and scoring your research paper

Conduct research

Answering a research paper using Google alone is’t going to set you apart from the rest of the class, a good research papers requires extensive research and that means getting your head into digests, books, not everything is available on the internet go and visit your local library, meet people that you believe may have an answer for you, visit museums if they relate to your topic.

You need to be sure that your sources are credible and would amount to commendable research by your teacher.


How to score an A* in your research paper?

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